Saturday, August 27, 2016

Testing a water etching technique

I decided to try Amy Roberson's water etching technique that was featured in the May/June issue of Pottery Making Illustrated.

I made some tiles, waited until they were leather-hard, and then applied damp circle shapes (made of paper)
I brushed glossy Mod Podge over the tiles and waited for it to dry

Then I carefully removed the paper (using an x-acto blade)

There's bare clay wherever the paper had been. I used a wet sponge to sand it away. I went a little overboard on the tile on the left - you can see I accidentally sanded away the Mod-Podge and wrecked the pattern. Oops. I'm so clumsy.
This tile looks good though! I can't wait to see how it looks glazed.

I'm excited to try this technique on some cups and saucers. Our shino and translucent glazes will show off the relief pattern pretty well, I think.
You can see Amy Roberson's work at