Saturday, May 14, 2016

Photos from "The Potter's Kitchen" show

Setting up

More setting up - there's Moira, Gordon, Ken, and Elisse

Some of our work (prior to set-up):

Mark Lapczenski

Me (Sue Kirchgessner)

Judy Wach

Joe Morris

We set up a large farm-style table with a place setting from each potter.

Sue Peplin

Leah Gary ("The Solar System - In Memory of David Bowie")

Leah Gary ("My Mother's Hutch") with my miniature dining table and rug.

A detail of Leah's miniatures

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Silly Rabbit!

I re-fired this bowl and was able to fix the glaze crawling issue


10-inch plate - looks grreat!

7-inch plate

7-inch plate

Cups and Saucers

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Our busy studio

Just a couple of shots of our busy studio at BayArts. We're all getting ready for "The Potter's Kitchen"

Painted the last two plates for "The Potter's Kitchen"

I painted my past two plates for "The Potter's Kitchen." I'm pretty concerned about the pink flowers on the elephant plate - I unfortunately didn't learn about the light pink underglaze issue until after this plate was put into another kiln. Who knows - maybe I'll get lucky?

Minor issues

Having some problems with the Amaco light pink Velvet Underglaze - I've used it for years, but for some reason the clear glaze is pulling away from it.

It looks pretty bad, and those pockmarks go right down to bare clay. The same thing happened on the Tiger plate as well. I'm attempting a refire.