Monday, March 11, 2013

Butterfly fish and Bubba the bass

Heeere's Bubba the bass

I forgot to measure him, but he's about as long as my forearm.

And here's a pretty little butterfly fish, around 6 inches long.


A detail of the glaze... I love this Coyote "Mocha Shino": it's chocolate brown where thin and milky white where thick, with a nice satiny finish. In the bucket, it looks like chocolate milk.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Building a little birdhouse

We've decided to all make at least one birdhouse for the "Clay Garden" show. Here's mine... I'm not too crazy about it, but it's my first try. I wanted it to be a functional and healthy home for baby birds: there are vent holes in the back and at the sides, drain holes in the floor, and that big cork will plug the bottom (for easy end-of-the-season cleaning). I've read that ceramic birdhouses should be glazed a light color so they don't get too hot. Please pass the Mocha Shino.

Plain planters

These two stinkers dried faster than I expected. They'll just have to be plain, I guess.

Junior the goldfish

White stoneware with Coyote "Light Green Shino" glaze.

Gourami place setting

White stoneware with Amaco velvet-series underglazes and Coyote light green shino glaze. Clockwise from the upper left: blue, dwarf, and lace gourami.