Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meet "Spike" (Shaw's boxfish jar)

Shaw's Boxfish, 12 inches long. Various Laguna and Coyote glazes (a real mish-mash).


Spike's lid is a very tight, precise fit. Ordinarily I would fire the lid separately so as to have more glazed surface. In this case, I fired the jar and lid together even though there was a risk the lid would stick. It seemed preferable to the lid not fitting at all.

Upon removal from the kiln, Spike's lid was indeed stuck, but not fused. I tried heating and cooling the piece to see if the clay would expand or contract enough to allow the lid to come off. I could feel an infinitesimal amount of give... Finally, with the help of a bread knife, the lid popped right out. Hooray!

Black Hawk and the Orange Crusher

Freshwater angelfish plates
I love the Amaco Potter's Choice "Saturation Gold" on the smaller plate.

Hello, ladies! (Anglerfish cookie plates)

Bearded anglerfish (top) and White anglerfish (bottom)
The Bearded angler you've seen before, and the White angler is fresh out of the kiln. I know, I know... She's lavender.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vicious fish

It's a Mustached Triggerfish, about 14 inches long. These fish can grow to 30 inches and are aggressively territorial (they have well-developed teeth and don't hesitate to use them)!

Monday, June 10, 2013

More boxfish

Here are some more boxfish, fresh out of the glaze kiln:


White-barred boxfish. (Where's the white? Um....  the Chun Plum got a little thick.)

The growing family: assorted species of boxfish